Pediatric Dental Emergencies

When dental emergencies or injuries occur, call us immediately. We will help determine the severity of your injury and decide on the best course of action including immediate dental care. Because it's impossible to predict when these situations may occur, you might consider bookmarking this page or posting this information nearby so you're prepared!

Bitten Lip or Tongue

When a child bites their lip or tongue so severely as to cause bleeding, clean the cut with water and apply a cold compress to help alleviate swelling that may occur. If you feel the need to call your dentist, we can help you determine the severity of the bite and if further treatment is necessary.

Foreign Object Caught in Teeth

Dental floss may be used to gently remove objects that may be caught between your child's teeth. It's important to avoid using any other objects or tools to dislodge the object since further injury may result. If flossing does not remove the object, call us to determine how best to proceed.

Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth gets knocked out, first, have your child rinse with warm water and then apply a cold compress. Then, if possible, locate the tooth and clean it carefully in cold water. Be careful to avoid touching anything but the crown of the tooth (the part you can see when it’s in place). When clean, the tooth should be stored in a clean container covered with milk.

You should call us immediately or head to the hospital since it may be possible to save the tooth.

Broken, Chipped, or Fractured Tooth

If your child experiences an injured tooth, first have them rinse with warm water. After this, apply a cold compress to help alleviate any swelling that might occur. If you can locate the tooth fragments, save them – we may be able to use them to repair the damage. Call the office immediately.


If your child experiences a persistent toothache, inspect their teeth for foreign objects or damage. If there are no obvious signs, use a cold compress. It is important not to apply heat or topical pain reliever – these can damage your child's gums.

You may use an over-the-counter child's pain reliever per the directions on the package. You should also schedule and appointment.

Broken Jaw

A broken jaw is an emergency situation and you should head to the hospital or call our office immediately to determine your best course of action.

Information About Dental Emergencies

In a dental emergency, it is important to act quickly in order to provide the best opportunity to limit damage or to save a tooth or teeth that may have been knocked out. You can call us or contact us; it is often helpful to head directly to an emergency room in these situations.

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